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Adjustable, reusable headband, with a disposable full-face shield that weighs under 2oz, follows FDA guidelines* for sizing and material that ensure facial protection from spray and splatter. The comfortable, reusable headband is made from polypropylene with an antimicrobial to enhance the longevity of optional reuse. The 2oz Airlight face shield is the ideal solution for everyday citizens, grocers, bank staff, general business staff, healthcare, and first responders.


Clear Shield - Removable vented PET shield
Headband Frame  - Polypropylene with an antimicrobial additive 

Accessories - Latex-free Rubberband 

Key Features:

  • Constructed from PPE with an antimicrobial additive for enhanced protection.

  • Made from PET, which provides clarity and chemical resistance.

  • Ensures full facial protection from spray and splatter. 

  • Option to purchase replacement face shields and reuse headband (environmentally friendly). Purchase replacement parts here.

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